What’s the quickest way to get pregnant – Being a mother is the most special and cherishing moment for a woman and if you are planning to be a mother, you must have been surfing different websites to know what’s the quickest way to get pregnant. Today with the different advanced and smart technologies you can easily have a baby but just like many health oriented women you should go for a natural and effective way of getting pregnant quickly. Now this article is going to tell you about the best natural ways- what's the quickest way to get pregnant


Time is the most crucial element when it comes to getting pregnant successfully. If you don’t keep a tab on your fertile day and have sex, the chance of getting a surefire result is very low. You really need to explore the secrete of your own period. A normal menstrual period lasts for 28 days but the beginning of ovulation drops at day 14. The period is different for each woman. It can take longer or shorter. If you think your calculation is not correct, you should depend on the typical signs of ovulation to get the time highest rate of getting pregnant. You can keep  a close look on your body temperature changing and you can do that with a normal basal temperature thermometer that you can easily find in a local medical store. The rise in body temperature and presence of clear stretchy fluid are the indications of ovulation.

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Maintaining a good health:

Apart from keeping a right estimation of the ovulation days, keeping a good health is also another key of getting pregnant fast. You need to follow a proper diet plan that comes with all the important nutrients that your body needs. Start eating a lot of fruits and vegetables and at the same time you should limit the meals that have huge amount of calories. You need to stop consuming caffeine products and stop using artificial items like lubricants, sprays etc. You can actually maintain a healthy lifestyle by doing regular workouts and activities like Yoga, Swimming, tennis etc. The advantage of doing these activities is that they actually help to eliminate stress and at the same time make you feel more energetic for other activities that are needed for getting pregnant.

Above are the preparation tips to know what’s the quickest way to get pregnant. Now you and your partner should have sex for at least 3 times a week to enhance the chance of having baby. You need to ensure that your sperm is getting enough time to complete its job and that’s why you should not get up immediately after having the sex . Give some times to it.

Now follow these steps carefully to know what’s the quickest way of getting pregnant.

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