Type 2 diabetes symptoms – Diabetes is not one of the easy diseases to curve overnight, it is a lifelong disease that affects the body handles glucose, a kind of sugar, in your blood. There are more than 30 million people have diabetes in USA alone and the other research said more than triple percentage of people have pre diabetes, they not reach the diabetes level and their blood glucose level is not normal.

type 2 diabetes symptomsMore Weight or Extra Pounds

One of main reason type 2 diabetes will come due to extra weight , most of the type 2 diabetes affects teens and adults, one of the recent research announce diabetes will come for kids as well, it is  mainly childhood fatness this is the other reason diabetes will come at younger age. There are number of methods to stop the diabetes in younger age by following proper exercise, diet and reduce the body weight. Have to check the blood level at least monthly once and it should be normal at any time.

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Extra glucose level from your liver

As usual when the liver sends out the glucose once the blood sugar is low in the body. As you know when you eat something at any time (Morning, Afternoon, Evening or Night) your blood sugar goes up every time, due to that time the liver automatically slow down and store the glucose for later part of the time, for some people this process doesn’t work, it will be vary people to people because age will play main rule for this automation process.

More Urine Production

If there is any excess glucose present in the blood kidneys react by pushing it out of the blood and into the urine it is one of  type 2 diabetes symptoms, the results are automatically more urine will get produce and have to go continues urine it will be happen frequently. This is one of the type 2 diabetes symptoms you can identify yourself, as usual if you go for urine 3 times a day here it will be happen more than 6 to 8 times per day it is almost double. These are one of Type 2 diabetes symptoms and have to follow all the procedure to control the diabetes naturally.

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