Type 1 diabetes symptoms –  Diabetes is a disease which you suffer from when your body is unable to produce the adequate amount of insulin. Diabetes can be of two types. Diabetes Type 1 is the disease which develops during your childhood or adolescence. It takes place when your pancreas stops producing hormone insulin. Diabetes Type 2 is the disease which occurs in your adulthood. It is characterized by the inability of your body to process the insulin which is secreted by your pancreas. There are several useful ways of treating type 1 diabetes symptoms as well as type 2 which you can consider, depending on which type of diabetes you are suffering from. type 1 diabetes symptoms

Different Treatments for Diabetes

Treatments for type 1 diabetes symptoms

Use the Glucose Monitor

If you suffer from Diabetes Type 1 then you will need to make sure that you monitor your insulin level many times in the day. For this purpose, you should use a device known as the glucose monitor. This will measure the glucose which is contained in one drop of your blood. You can also use a newer device known as continuous glucose monitor. This is basically a needle which you place under your skin for registering the glucose content in your blood in every few minutes.

Use the Insulin Pumps

One of the best ways of treating diabetes type 1 which you can opt for is the use of the insulin pumps. This is a device which you will need to wear over your skin. The pump will administer insulin to your body via a catheter. Before taking your meals, you will need to input the dosage information into this machine. The machine will then dispense the adequate insulin amount to your body automatically.

Treatments for Diabetes Type 2

Exercise Regularly

Exercise is one of the most important ways of treating diabetes type 2 that you can consider opting for. By exercising on a regular basis you will be able to regulate the level of blood sugar in your body. You can avail of various individualized exercise programs that involve aerobic exercise. You will have to carry out these programs under the supervision of a doctor.

Follow a Healthy Eating Plan

A healthy diet is also one of the most effective ways of treating diabetes type 2 which you could consider. For this purpose you should consult a dietician who will develop a sound eating plan for you. Your diet should ideally comprise of whole grains, lean meats, vegetables and fruits if you suffer from diabetes type 2. These foods will keep the blood sugar in your body at safe levels.

Thus, there are several effective means of treating diabetes type 1 diabetes symptoms  as well as type 2 that you could avail of one basis of the type of diabetes you happen to be ailing from.

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