Vitamins to help get pregnant – For the well being of mother and also for the health of the developing baby, it is often recommended to take vitamins to help get pregnant. These vitamins for getting pregnant include calcium, iron, folic acid etc and these vitamins are taken throughout the course of the pregnancy. Even if you are taking regular healthy diet that includes grains, fruits, dairy products, meats, vegetables and legumes, still it can difficult to intake the right amount of nutrients on a regular basis. A formulated supplement of multi-vitamins is therefore taken to full the exact requirement of vitamins in your body.

signs of pregnancyMost women planning to get pregnant can be benefited from these vitamins to help get pregnant as they ensure that women are getting the very crucial nutrients during the time of pregnancy.

Now this article is going to tell you about some of the best vitamins to help get pregnant-

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Folic acid:

It is one of the most crucial vitamins that one needs during the time of pregnancy. It helps to reduce the chance of a baby developing a serious birth defect called “Neural tube” that results incomplete development of spinal cord or brain. Spina bifida is one of the most common examples of Neural tube defect that causes mental retardation or different levels of incontinence or paralysis. A deficiency of vitamin B also could result in some heart defects, cleft lips or cleft


Iron is definitely a crucial element for a mother and baby both. Iron helps the blood of babies and mother to carry more oxygen. The deficiency of iron can result in pre term delivery, infant mortality and low birth weight.


It is taken throughout the complete course of pregnancy. Calcium is required to increase the bone density. During the course of pregnancy, a mother starts losing the density of bones and Calcium helps to stop that. The fetus uses calcium for its own bone density also.

Multi-vitamins that help to get pregnant also include vitamin D, Thiamine, Vitamin C, riboflavin, vitamin B12, niacin, zinc, and Vitamin E. It is always better to seek for the advice from a doctor or a health practitioner before start taking vitamins to help get pregnant

If you don’t want to go for medicated supplement option, you can opt for the complete natural alternative options also. For example, Folic acid can be found in beans, citrus fruits, nuts and green leafy vegetables.

The requirement of taking vitamins to help get pregnant is more vital for the women with the health issues that include blood disorder, chronic disorder, dietary restrictions, pregnancy complications etc.

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