Type 2 diabetes symptoms in men – The chronic condition associated with the way the body metabolizes glucose is known as diabetes. When this condition involves non-insulin dependency in adults, it is known as type 2 diabetes. It is a non-preventable problem and the amount of people with type 2 diabetes is increasing as an obvious result of a growing obesity problem throughout United States.type 2 diabetes symptoms in men

Type  2 diabetes is resistant to the effects of insulin which plays a very crucial role in regulating the sugar absorption within the body. People with type of 2 diabetes produce some amount of insulin but the amount of produced insulin is not enough to sustain a desirable level of glucose. If it is left untreated, the outcome of type 2 diabetes can threaten your life. Yes, you can actually keep your blood sugar level under a healthy control by following a proper diet and exercise routine on a regular basis.

Before knowing the type 2 diabetes symptoms in Men, it is really important to know the outcomes if it has been left untreated-

Type of 2 diabetes comes with the both short term and long term complications that can significantly influence the overall health of a diabetic person. Unfortunately most of the people just ignore the initial symptoms of diabetes because they feel fine most of the times but with time these short term complications start affecting the major organs like nerves, eyes, kidneys etc. The major short term complication that is associated with the type 2 diabetes is hyperglycemia ( high level of sugar in blood), increased amount of ketones in urine and dizziness and if it is left untreated, a patient may suffer seizure or lose of consciousness and may enter into coma even.

Now you should know about the type 2 diabetes symptoms in men-

Increase in thirst:

This type of diabetes causes excessive amount of sugar accumulating in the blood stream and as the result fluid is pulled out from the tissues and it leaves the leaves the patient thirsty most of the times.

Frequent urination:

As you already know the fact that people with type 2 diabetes feels thirsty most of times and that’s why they drink water more than usual and that’s the cause of frequent number of urination.

Increased appetite :

The type 2 diabetes causes a deficit in insulin and naturally the organs and the muscles lose energy  and this particular process causes an increased hunger to surface, which even may continue after having a meal also.

Weight loss:

Patients with type 2 diabetes lose weight without doing any physical exercises, even after increasing the amount of foods on a regular basis also.


It is one of the most common alarming signs of type 2 diabetes. When the cells lack proper amount of sugar, the individual may become really tired and cranky.

Problems in vision:

When blood sugar level is too high, it may causes blurring of the vision. Some patients are even unable to focus on something due to this problem.

Now You got an idea about the type 2 diabetes symptoms in Men and you should notice it carefully.

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