Best way to get pregnant fast – When you take a decision and go for a baby, you want it to happen immediately. However, it will not happen the way you want. Having said that, you find some suggestion from experts to get pregnancy in quick time. Getting pregnant is not a complete science. If you are in good health, under 35, and are having regular sex, then pregnancy should happen in within 6-12 months.

signs of pregnancySex at Right Time

The best way to pregnant fast is having regular and passionate sex with partners. Fertility is not going to happen if you do not show interest in having sex.

Zita West is a fertility expert mention that sperm lasts up to seven days. So, there is no compulsion to have sex in all these seven days. Have sex in alternate days and allow the sperm to surge in between the days.

Spouses do not feel that easy to find time to having sex because of the work commitments. If you want to have a baby, allow time to make love.

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Calculating Ovulation Time:

You get a window of 6 days in a month to get expectant. These six days are the best way to pregnant fast. The six days comprise the ovulation day and followed by next five days. The natural monthly cycle of women is 28-32 days. The ovulation takes place between 11-21 of the monthly reporting period.

The egg is a complete state for 24 hours after ovulation occurs. This 24-hour window is a favorable time for getting pregnant. There are some kits, and gadgets are available to track the ovulation day. Alternatively, look for your body’s symptoms.

The position that helps to get pregnant faster.

First of all, stay 20 minutes after having sex. Lie on the bed with the pelvis upwards which contributes to sperm reach the potential egg. Keep the pillow under the hips for a better result.

Here are the positions you might interest.

  • Missionary Position.
  • The Flowing Triangle.
  • Doggy Style.
  • The Magic Mountain.
  • Spooning.
  • The Tilt.
  • The Dolphin.
  • The Butterfly

Having said that, you can choose the position which is comfortable for you. Among the position, missionary is the best way to pregnant fast and a good option.

Stay Relax

Stress plays a vital role in reducing the fertility rate. According to Oxford study, the stress will diminish the chance of healthy women getting pregnant in a significant level while comparing with calm and relaxed women. Work pressure, family commitments and demanding situations delay the ovulation cycle. It is necessary to stay calm and relaxed before, during and after the sex.

Get Advice from Experts

Nine out of ten partners get pregnant after having regular sex for a year. If nothing happens after trying a year when you are under 35, look out for General Practitioner or natural solution method. If you are over 35 and nothing happens after six months, there is an natural solution to get pregnant at any time age is not a matter, Here I given the guide to get pregnant naturally at any age.

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