Symptoms of type 1 diabetes in children – Children, particularly those belonging to the primary age group can be highly vulnerable to the disease which is known as diabetes. Diabetes is basically a disorder whereby the metabolism of a person is affected by unnaturally high levels of blood sugar. Children tend to be as susceptible to diabetes as adults do for both hereditary as well as environmental reasons. Parents who have children suffering from diabetes often face a very difficult time in locating information which is accurate and reliable. symptoms of type 1 diabetes in children

Vital Facts about Diabetes in Children

The symptoms of type 1 diabetes in children can be of two types. These are diabetes type one and diabetes type two. The first type takes place when the immune system of the child attacks the beta cells which are responsible for the production of insulin. Type 2 is when the cells in the child’s body are not capable of responding to the insulin.

Causes of Diabetes in Kids

Genetic Reasons

The symptoms of type 1 diabetes in children could take place largely due to reasons of heredity. This is more so in the case of children who are diagnosed with the type 2 diabetes. In the case of type 1 diabetes the risk of a child of developing such a disease stands at the ratio of one is to seventeen if his only his father has type one diabetes. The ratio is one is to twenty five if the mother of the child happens to be the only parent having type one. If both the child’s parents suffer from the type 1 diabetes, then his risk of getting this disease ranges in between 1 in 4 to 1 in 10. If the child has one parent who has type 2 diabetes then his risk of getting the disease is 1 in 7. However, this could increase to 1 in 2 if both his parents suffer from type 2 diabetes.

Environmental Reasons

There are some doctors who are of the opinion that environmental factors have a significant role to play in the development of both type 1 as well as type 2 diabetes in kids. The first type of diabetes in kids takes place because of the subjection of unhealthy lifestyle along with very poor eating habits. The imbalance associated with a sedentary lifestyle along with a diet that is high in sugar could result in insulin resistance, imbalance in insulin and obesity. Climate is also believed by doctors to play a very important role in the occurrence of diabetes in kids. A very cold climate is likely to trigger diabetes in kids, a fact which is demonstrated by the prevalence of this disease among kids living in the cold countries.

Thus, children can be extremely prone to the disease known as diabetes. There are both environmental as well as hereditary reasons behind the development of symptoms of type 1 diabetes in children.

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