How to get pregnant fast? – this is a very common question forĀ  a lot of couple who are planning to have a child. Being a mother is the best experience that a woman can ever have in her life and so as the father for a man. Now this article tells you about some crucial tips that you should definitely follow when it comes to having a baby.Get Pregnant Naturally

  1. Good health is the key:

Ensuring the good health is the most important factor for getting pregnant. A lot of couples are still unable to have baby due to poor health conditions. Poor health, infections and sexually transmitted diseases can greatly affect the chances of getting pregnant first. It is always good to be in a regular medical checkups to ensure good health.

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  1. Have frequent sex to get pregnant:

If you are not following any proper planning for getting pregnant, having sex on a regular basis is the most effective and best way of getting pregnant. You should have sex at least 3 times a week for ensuring the best chance of getting pregnant. Having sex on a regular basis is not a good opinion at all because sperms also need time to replenish.

  1. Know how to get pregnant fast with good sex

A lot of couple trying to get pregnant make the sex chapter very monotonous. It is really important to keep the fashion and affection between you and your partner. Some medical studies have even proven it that having orgasm during the time of having sex increases the chance of getting pregnant.

  1. Use a good ovulation prediction kit:

A lot of couple have sex on the fourteenth day of the menstrual cycle. This is based on a calendar method that assumes you also have a regular 28 days of menstrual cycle and 14 days of mid-ovulation cycle. A lot of women have different cycle and you may be one of them also and that’s why calendar method is not that much accurate. Instead of using calendar method, it is always better to make use of ovulation prediction kit as it can tell you accurately when your ovulation time is.

  1. Use fertility tracking chart:

Fertility charting is one of the best ways to track your cycle but there’s one disadvantage also. By the time you see ovulation based on Basal Body Temperature, you have already ovulated. You should keep following the chart so that you can see if you ovulate at the same time every month.

6: Have sex before ovulation:

If you want to know how to get pregnant fast, you should definitely know what is the right time to have sex. It is always better to have sex just 2-3 days before the ovulation. Now you might be wondering to know the reason behind it. Well, eggs only survive approximately 24 hours after ovulation while sperm can live three to four days in the fallopian tube and this is the reason having sex two to three days before ovulation will increase the chance of getting pregnant.

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