How to get a girl pregnant fast – Planning a pregnancy is an easier job when you follow certain rules. Try these rules to get your partner pregnant quickly. Follow these rules and enhance the possibility of conceiving quickly.

signs of pregnancyRule One: Intimacy with Partner

The first step towards having a healthy sex life is paying attention to your spouse. Appreciate even small things that excite your partner such as smile, clothes, food, and so on. Understand your partner’s body like a reading book. Don’t wait until the partner explains a detail about their body and what they want. Don’t be shy and make sure you make a first move towards the partner.

Verbally express your desire and what you need from the partner. Understand your partner likes and dislikes, respond accordingly and fulfill their fantasies. It is not hard to pin down how to get a girl pregnant fast quickly. Don’t waste brain power figuring out what is best for your partner. Moreover, it is a process and will find what ingredients work for your spouse.

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Rule Two: Cut down alcohol

Today’s lifestyle, alcohol becomes an integral part of life. Avoiding alcohol in gathering and function becomes difficult because of peer pressure. Drinking alcohol is permissible until not going beyond two glasses. Drinking alcohol numbs nerve cells and affects the erogenous zones that are responsible for keeping an erection.

Alcohol is one of the primary cause of premature ejaculation. However, in women alcohol reduces lubrication and makes attaining orgasm ‘s hard to work. Alcohol is the primary cause of relationship problems between husband and wife. Furthermore, alcohol leads to anxiety and depression.

Rule Three: Hygiene.

Spouses face difficult while having intercourse when any one of them not having hygiene. If one of the partners is sticky or smells bad breath, it will affect the intensity of having sex.

Take a bath with your partner before going to bed using a gentle deodorant. Bathing together will enhance the stimulation before sexual intercourse. When you say that your partner needs a bath before sex, it will ruin the happiness. Make yourself fragrant before going to bed. Being hygiene is one of the ways to how to get a girl pregnant fast. Little tweaks in lifestyles make your life lot happier and healthier.

Rule Four: Cut Stress.

You feel sluggish and feel weak when you have stress. Furthermore, it reduces the body’s metabolism and disturbs your self-esteem. A prolonged period of stress produces cortisol that suppresses libido. Stress makes you inaccessible and uncommunicative with your partner.

Thinking all the time about the lack of money, work pressure or family problem add more to the fuel. If you feel, you are not able to handle stress, get the advice of from the counselor. Sex is a good de-stressor when you know how to get a girl pregnant fast.

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