How to conceive fast – Having sex as close to ovulation day helps to conceive. However, experts suggest that there are alternative ways couples can enhance their fertility chance. If you are accepted to change your lifestyle habits, then you will find how to conceive fast in many ways. what's the quickest way to get pregnant

 Control Your Weight

Conceive process delayed when women are either overweight or underweight. William Gibbons is a director of Baylor College of Medicine for a division of endocrinology, and infertility stated that the weight was a primary cause of infertility. Keeping healthy body with optimal weight can boost the conception.

One of the studies found that pregnancy is correlated with BMI index. The results are

  • Overweight = BMI of 25-29
  • Underweight = BMI less than 19.
  • Normal weight = BMI of 18.5 – 24.9.

When a woman BMI is less than 19, she needs fourfold time than a normal-weight woman. Likewise, women with a BMI between 25-39 need double time to get pregnant.

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Sperm counts matters.

Sperm quality is vital for getting pregnant. Nearly, one-half of the partners having infertility because of low sperm count. Nevertheless, switching your underwear makes a difference in the quantity and quality of your sperm count.

The testes are placed outside the body to keep lower than body temperature. Wearing briefs can increase the testes temperature and causes lower sperm count. However, remember that you need 11 weeks to get back sperm into an optimum number.

Testis at Optimal temperature.

  • Avoid Tight Pants while participating in sports activities.
  • If you are working in sitting posture for an extended duration of time, wear loose clothes.
  • Wearing Boxer shorts is best option to increase sperm count.
  • Avoid hot places like saunas.

Avoid Beverages

You get 500 mg of caffeine in the blood stream when you drink 5 cups of coffee in a day which is linked to infertility. Moderate drinking of coffee does not much affect the sperm count. The optimal level of caffeine for women is between 200-250 mg.

According to Swedish Researchers finding when woman cross two alcoholic beverages in a day that decrease their infertility by 60%. However, no evidence against the moderate alcohol consumption. Drinking while carrying offspring leads to critical congenital disabilities. If you decided to get carrying a baby, quit alcohol.

To stop Smoking

Nicotine in a cigarette can hurt both men and women’s health. Nicotine has the potential to change DNA of a person. Miscarriage is a common phenomenon on those who are smoking during pregnancy. Smoking is one of the primary causes of men’s infertility.

Having said that how to conceive fast is dependent on what happens in the bedroom. Better understanding between the partners had a significant impact on sex life. By tweaking, lifestyles can bring enormous benefits to the bedroom.

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