Gestational Diabetes Symptoms – Gestational diabetes has become one of the most common pregnancy problem in the US. About 7 percent of the pregnant women suffer from this health issues. It is really widespread but that doesn’t mean it comes without any kind of risk. It is really important to what Gestational diabetes is and what are the Gestational diabetes symptoms so that you can actually know the ways to minimize the chances of getting this type of diabetes. gestational diabetes symptoms

Now it’s time to know what a Gestational diabetes is –

Having this particular type of diabetes means that your body cannot regulate the level of sugar properly when you are pregnant.  There are mainly two reasons- either your body is not producing enough insulin or your body cannot use the insulin properly that it has produced and it causes the level of blood sugar in your body to be increased when you eat foods and this particular condition is known as hyperglycemia.

Most of the pregnant women experience this particular type of diabetes during the time of pregnancy and it automatically goes away once the pregnancy is over. Still there are 5-10 percent of the pregnant women continue to have type II diabetes after pregnancy also. Those whose diabetes clears up after child birth are still at a 20-30 percent risk of developing the type II diabetes within the span of 10 years.

Now you might be wondering to know the reason why doctors are so much concerned about this type of diabetes. Well it puts both children and mother into the pregnancy related complicacies.

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The pregnant mother may experiences problems like-

High blood pressure


Preterm labor

C section

Gestational diabetes symptoms on baby can increase the risk of

Higher birth weight

Shoulder dystocia

Congenital malformations

Heart diseases

Defects on neural tube


Low blood sugar

Respiratory distress

Longer stay in NICU

Now you should know what causes Gestational diabetes –

One of the most common reasons behind Gestational diabetes symptoms is the surge of hormones that are produced by your body to help your pregnancy thrive. The additional hormones in your do not let your body to use the insulin efficiently to maintain the blood sugar level in your body.

The chances of developing Gestational diabetes are high if you are-

Over 25 years old

Are obese

Have a diabetic family history

Have Gestational diabetes in last pregnancy

Previously had a stillborn baby

Are black/African-American, Latina/Hispanic, Asian, Native American/Pacific Islander

The Gestational diabetes symptoms are –

Blurred type of vision
A feeling of numbness in hands or feet

Constant feeling of excessive thirst

Frequent urination

Slow healing sores
Excessive fatigue

The glucose challenge screening test is the standard test which is done to detect if there’s a Gestational diabetes.

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