Gestational diabetes symptoms in pregnancy – Gestational diabetes is one of the most common diseases among pregnant women. This particular form of diabetes develop in almost 3-5% percent of pregnancies. If this type of diabetes is left untreated, it can eventually lead to various complicated issues that are harmful for both the mother and the fetus. One good thing about this diabetes is that it is completely curable. In order to get rid of this particular type of diabetes it really important to know what this diabetes is all about, different symptoms and finally the cure of Gestational diabetes. gestational diabetes symptoms in pregnancy

What exactly causes Gestational diabetes?

Unlike other forms of diabetes, most of the people have no clue about what exactly causes Gestational diabetes. If you are one of them who do not understand the gestational diabetes symptoms in pregnancy, this article is definitely going to help you-

According to the most of the well known medical researchers it is the placenta hormones which is mainly responsible for Gestational diabetes. The placental hormones secreted during the span of pregnancy interfere the production of insulin by pancreas and this typical condition is typically known as “Contra Insulin”. There are some other reasons due to which this specific type of diabetes might appear during pregnancy.

  1. Any past family history of this type of Gestational diabetes
  2. Poly cystic ovary syndrom (PCOS), obesity and being overweight
  3. If the age is more than 35 years

It is more common in women who previously had stillbirth and also in women who already experienced Gestational diabetes in last pregnancy.

Now you should know about the Gestational diabetes symptoms in pregnancy-

This particular condition appears in the latter stages of pregnancy. In lot of cases this diseases doesn’t even show any kind symptoms at all and if the symptoms appear, they are almost similar to those patients with type 2 diabetes. Some of the very common gestational diabetes symptoms include-

  1. Unquenchable feel of being thirsty
  2. Very frequent tendency to urinate
  3. Constant feel of hunger
  4. Fatigue, nausea and feeling of vomiting
  5. If it is left untreated, women with gestational diabetes experience symptoms like recurrent vaginal infections and blurred vision.

Usually Gestational diabetes symptoms are very common during the time of pregnancy. If the symptoms continue to appear between 24-28 weeks of Gestation period, doctors usually recommend for doing Glucose tolerance taste which is done to detect blood glucose level and diabetes.

If you want to stay safe from this diabetes, it is really important to follow a healthy Gestation diabetes diet which is good for both mother and fetus.

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