Diabetic diet plan – Diabetes is a disease in which pancreas release less insulin and the intake of food is not converted to glucose naturally.  Uncontrolled glucose levels invite other diseases and most alarming fact that even doctors are not able to diagnose health problems at first stage.  A lot of people are suffering from this health condition and having a proper diabetic diet plan is really important.

diabetic diet planChoose the combination of one breakfast, one lunch and one dinner, plus two snacks to give your body approximately 1,400 calories a day. Be conscious to take food or snacks about every 3 hours as insulin is active in your body and skipping to your meals may lead to less glucose level. Low glucose levels are very alarming. It affects your brain and cause death or coma.

One of the major shortcomings in Indian diet is less protein and fiber and more fats and carbohydrates.  Generally, this is one of the big reasons for obesity and diabetes in India. I am sharing 1400 calorie diabetic diet plan, combine this chart with minimum one physical activity.

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Early morning: One or two glass lukewarm water followed by a cup of green tea.

Breakfast: 1sandwich stuffed with vegetables or 2 small whole grain rotis with seasonal subzi or 1 bowl sproutepohaor 2-egg white omelette

Mid-morning snacks: 1 apple / pomegranate / pear.

Lunch: 2 rotis with 1katori subzi, 1 katori dal, 1 bowl curd with lots of salad.

Mid-evening snacks: 1 glass low-fat milk  or 1 cup tea with no sugar and 2 Marie biscuits or 1 fistful of almonds and walnuts

Dinner:  2 – 2.5 rotis, 1 bowl dal, 1 bowl mix veg

Bed-time:1 glass of low-fatmilk.

Remember, this is a sample of diabetic Indian diet and sensitiveness of every individual is different from others.  Always visit your doctor at the gap of 50-60 days and get check your Hba1c.This test gives the average of three months glucose reading.

The study says that diabetic people have scarcity of nitrogen and needs double amount of protein than normal individuals. Their protein must have high biological value; take the help of internet to take only protein which has all the 9 essential amino acids. Please don’t take chikku, banana quite often. Anjeer and grapes maintains the sensitive level of diabetes. An apple has anti- oxidants, guava has fiber and other nutrients, kiwi and black jamus controls the glucose level. Please include them atleast one daily in your diabetic diet plan.

Taking of fiber with protein in the diabetic diet reduces the rate of glucose absorption, lower blood sugar rise. A person gets the feeling of fullness and his/her quantity of food intake gets less. Reports hasshown that individuals with diabetes most often die of cardiovascular disease.  So, it is advisable to take flax seeds, walnuts, and cold-water fish. incorporates vitamins-rich food,

In addition to it, keep in mind that health does not come only with medicines and diet but with peace of mind. Stress doubles up the glucose level.  Do atleast 10 minutes of meditation daily at your convenient time.  Go for the solutions rather than meditating on the problem. Your health is utmost wealth for you.

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