Learn the causes of erectile dysfunction in 40s. Erectile dysfunction is making headlines after American scientists have found that those suffering from the disease are 70% more likely to die early.

It’s hard to say the Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction In 40s, and even more difficult to know how much these problems could contribute to your life. There will likely be factors in your own life that may have led to your inability to have an erection that could lead to ED. If you are suffering from this issue for more than a couple of years, this might be a more serious situation. The below information will help you make sense of the situation.

A study published in the’ Journal of Sexual Medicine’ in 2013 found that one out of four men in an outpatient clinic in Milan were under 40.

causes of erectile dysfunction in 40s

The study was based on data collected for newly developed ED between 2010 and 2012 from 439 people, 26 percent of whom were under 40, who visited an outpatient clinic. Surprisingly, almost half of those men under 40 years of age have been severely affected by ED compared with 40% for men over 40 years of age.

Like older men, this age group had lower indexes of body mass, higher levels of testosterone, and fewer medical conditions.  That could make them more predisposed to ED.

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Men under 40 were also more likely to experience premature ejaculation. While men over 40 were more likely to suffer from Peyronie’s disease.

Having regard to these findings, here’s all you need to know about men under the age of 40.

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Common Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction In 40s

People may think the Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction In 40s are more common. For example, you can develop an ED for several reasons. For one thing, it could be because of aging. As you get older, there is less blood flow to your penis, which means it takes longer to erect and stay erect. So you will have a tougher time staying hard.

Another common Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction In 40s is because of a medical condition. Some conditions, such as heart disease or high blood pressure, can cause a reduction in blood flow to your penis, which can cause erectile dysfunction in men over the age of 40. If you suffer from these conditions, you refer to this guide here natural erectile dysfunction cure, which most people succeed today.

Some men may also be suffering from depression, which is often the case for older men. Depression can make you feel bad about yourself and your body and make it more difficult to keep erections. If you are depressed, it may be a good idea to see a therapist get some help. Doctors will suggest some medication to help you treat your depression.

What is ED causing?

Men experience ED for many reasons, including lifestyle choices like smoking and taking drugs. It has been found that frequent use of drugs and cigarettes is more prevalent in the younger group.  It may have contributed to their erectile problems as toxic effects on the cardiovascular system can affect the supply of blood to the penis.

Work-related or unemployed stress,  family life, relationship conflicts, money worries, and medical conditions such as diabetes, depression,  and heart disease can also cause symptoms of Erectile dysfunction, the side effects of some medications.


It is one of the common problems of erectile dysfunction in men, also affects older men. Nicotine is a very strong and potentially addictive drug, and it affects blood flow to the penis. It also has other health risks associated with it, including erectile dysfunction in men over 40. If you’re a smoker, you can refer to this guide Quit Smoking Naturally,” which helps you stop smoking permanently and naturally without medicine. If you stop smoking, it will be good for your heart, and it helps to reproduce the sperm to get rid of erectile dysfunction.


Diabetes and other health conditions can also cause ED in men. These are often hard to detect in men, as they may go undiagnosed for a long time until their symptoms start to appear. If you notice any symptoms of diabetes, better meet the doctor immediately. Your doctor will need to do blood tests and do testing to rule out any other illnesses that could cause your ED.

Poor Diet And Alcohol

The general causes of erectile dysfunction after the age of 40 are poor diet and too much alcohol. It will affect your body works and cause problems with erectile function. If you’re an alcoholic, then it’s important to consult your doctor and make an appointment to discuss your situation. You may be able to cut back on your alcohol consumption and reduce your chances of having ED by following a more healthy and low diet in alcohol.

erectile dysfunction symptoms

If I have a severe ED, how can I know?

Various age groups of men have different perceptions of what ED is. Younger men may have higher demands for sexual performance than older men, and missing a single erection could be perceived as a severe ED for younger men. While older men losing multiple erections might consider it critical.

ED is also perceived by older men to be a symptom of the aging process and probably not seek medical advice as quickly as a younger man.

How is it possible to treat it?

Despite the high prevalence of cases, as they are too embarrassed to seek medical advice, many men suffer in silence. Often, for fear of being teased or considered less masculine, they don’t talk to friends and family about their problems.

ED undertreatment remains popular, although the scope of currently available therapies is successful and can significantly improve your relationship and sexual satisfaction.

There are many ED treatments, the most common of which is medication. Still, it works for some people, and it may not work for another man due to stress and a different mindset.

Eating a pill is not always the answer, and some men don’t want to take drugs. Changing your lifestyle may also help with ED symptoms.

Eating a balanced diet, keeping a healthy weight, regular exercise, and taking care of your sexual health can all benefit.

Studies have found that ED is relatively rare in men eating. A traditional Mediterranean diet, including fruit, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, olives, wine, and red meat.

To minimize their risk of heart disease and diabetes, many urologists motivate their patients to lose weight by telling them to gain at least one inch in size. Often, as men gain weight, the penis becomes embedded in lower abdominal fat, making it look shorter.

Taking regular exercise will improve your bedroom body image and sexual confidence.

Keep your penis in shape.

As with your overall health, it’s essential to take care of your penis health. Do regular penis exercise it can help prevent later-life development of ED as it promotes healthy blood flow to the penis.

Using a penis pump can benefit men with ED. It can also help prevent men from developing ED by maintaining the good health of the penis, which in turn increases erection performance and orgasm power.

It can also help ED to incorporate sex toys into your sex play. Sex toys won’t treat ED’s cause, but you may experience sexual pleasure and excitement. Unlike medication, when used correctly, sex toys are harmless and can be fun.

Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction In the 40s can be many. Still, with proper treatment and regular exercise, you may be able to solve the problem. Of course, if you are suffering from depression, it’s important to remember that it may be a sign of a larger health concern. In either case, talk to your doctor and find out exactly what you need to do to fix it.

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Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction In 40s

Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction In 40s

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