There are various types of causes of ED. It can be associated with health, age, or psychological factors like anxiety, stress etc. It is really tough to say that how does it occur because the reason can be anything from these three factors. It comes due to the imbalance of these 3 factors.

natural ed remediesKnow the causes of ED

Arousal is the vital thing of the sex. It comes from the senses such as such as sight, sound, touch, and scent, as well as from thoughts.

It is dependent on nervous system because brain helps body to get excited and body generate a reaction of arousal and it increase the blood flow in penis.

Second factor is the response of the blood vessels. Actually blood vessels are situated around the penis and it helps to flow the blood in to the shafts which hold the blood and this is the cause of the erection.

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Psychological problems can hamper this process and it can be the cause of the male impotence if it is untreated. Impotence is highly intimated with the Signs of stress, anxiety and fatigue. These are the result of the busy and hectic schedule and often results in depression.

Negative feelings from you or your partner or lack of sexual desires is one of the vital reason of erectile dysfunction.

Physical factors are also the causes of erectile dysfunction such as

Damages of the nerves due to the diabetes

Cardiovascular problems and blood circulation problems

Side effects from some specific medicines

Prostate cancer surgeries

Injuries in spinal cords

Multiple sclerosis

Hormonal imbalance

Over addiction of alcohol or smoking or drugs usage is one of the crucial causes of ED

Most of men dose not care about these psychological or physical causes. That is why very often we cannot detect the pinpoint reason of this problem. We all want the straight and instant solutions of this problem. So now the question is what can you do for a better sex life with a bigger penis size?

Well here are some few solutions for your problem.


You can try surgery but it is expensive and there are some risks and side effects also. Surgery should be your last option not first.

Penis pills-

There are thousands of pills in the market and it can give a boost to your erection but not permanently and there are also some side effects and maximum of them are nothing but a scam. So you should not expense big amount of money on it.

Penis pumps-

Penis pumps are less risky than surgery. It helps to give you strong and herder erection but it damages the tissues of the penis and it can be the cause of male impotence for the future.

Jelqing and penis stretchers

These exercises are really safe and healthy options and free from any types of negative effects. It is recommended by many doctors. Stretching exercises help to build tissues which make more cells. It helps to achieve a bigger and harder penis which can give you enough satisfaction at the time of sex.

Anyways these techniques are approved by FDA. You can get much information from. Now you might have got an idea about the different causes of erectile dysfunction and the natural cure of it.

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