The 3 Week Diet is based on medical science, rational thoughts and real-life3 Week Diet proven results. As of right now, you can rest assured that you will never need to buy another diet book, fancy gizmo or magic pill to lose weight ever again. Quite simply, The 3 Week Diet cuts through the bull and gives you a time-tested, effective and proven blueprint for rapid fat loss. This isn’t one of those diets that works for some but not others. The fact is, The 3 Week Diet is based on the science involved with the human body and how different nutrients affect our hormones resulting in either weight loss or weight gain


The 3 Week Diet is divided up into several distinct parts.

  1. The Diet:

The diet portion of The 3 Week Diet is just that—diet. It consists of three phases (each phase being 1 week long). During your first week on the diet, you will likely see a drop of weight in the neighborhood of 10 pounds. It will give you all the information on how you can lose up to one pound of body fat (or more) per day, simply by the foods you eat and don’t eat. The diet requires some motivation and short-term changes to your eating habits but I promise you that if you can make it past the first week of this diet, you will be in total control of your weight for the rest of your life. In fact, many people have said that after finishing Phase #1 of The 3 Week Diet, they felt like they could accomplish anything.

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  1. The Workouts:

One of the reasons people fail in their diets is because the workout required to succeed is just too much for most people to handle. This is not the case with The 3 Week Diet. The 3 Week Diet workouts are designed to burn fat and get you into great shape in about 20 minutes just a few times each week. While you can lose weight quickly on the diet alone, a quality workout like the one in The 3 week diet, can double your fat loss results. The 3 Week Diet workouts are broken down into two separate workouts. One is for those who would rather workout at their local gym and the other is a home workout, using just your body weight and the one single piece of equipment. No matter which of the workouts you choose, you’ll find that they are, by far, the best fat-blasting workouts you will ever see!

  1. Supplements:

The supplement report provides a look at some of the most popular diet supplements being used today. These will include a review of the supplements not included in The 3 Week Diet itself.

  1. Motivation & Mindset:

The motivation report contains valuable information that I have used on my clients in the past. It will show you how to focus your energy on achieving your goals. There are some really great tips, tricks and secrets to losing weight and keeping the weight off.

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  1. Momerse Luther says:

    I have just purchased the book & tried the programme 3 weeks ago . Wow It’s really amazing result! Many diet recipes I have tried that never work out as good as this. The
    fasting time of 18 hours daily is just unbelievable amazing result ! Yet
    it’s not difficult because most of the time is during sleeping hours.
    Recipe is just simple and easy to prepare. Just 3 weeks I get to string down one size smaller. I m going to repeat this programme for 2nd round to reach my ideal weight

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